Dangers of Actos to Diabetes Patients

Drug manufacturers are challenged to create safe drugs that target a specific condition in the human body.  The research and development process inevitably reaps more failures than successes. When a blockbuster drug is created, it becomes a cash cow for pharmaceutical companies, while hopefully providing improved treatment options for patients.

But the challenge of creating targeted, safe drugs is not always met.  All drugs have side effects.  Drugs aimed at one medical condition often inadvertently damages another body part or system.  As personal injury lawyers, we frequently handle cases for clients injured by pharmaceuticals. In recent years, we have seen a great deal of damage caused by pioglitazone, brand name Actos®.

What does Actos do?

Insulin is a naturally-produced hormone that aids the body in absorbing glucose. When insufficient insulin is produced or absorbed, high blood sugar levels damage organs throughout the body.  By increasing insulin sensitivity, Actos was designed to help type 2 diabetics regulate their blood sugar levels.

Unfortunately, the side effects of Actos are serious and sometimes fatal.  Fluid build-up triggered by Actos contributes to the swelling of vessels in the eye, causing macular edema. It worsens congestive heart disease, leading to heart attack. Actos is also known to cause bladder cancer in some long-term users and liver failure in others.

Safety is paramount in novel drug therapies. Just as a drug affects the whole body, serious, disabling injury affects your life and the lives of those you love. If you have suffered side effects as a result of taking Actos, talk to your doctor about options. If injured by Actos, talk to us.