Can Attorneys Apply Blame in Accidental Situations?

Accidents happen, but usually individuals are responsible for injuring other people, due to negligence or reckless behavior. When this type of incident — a personal injury — occurs, the burden of proof rests on the plaintiff and the injured person’s estate.

In Illinois, there was a recent wrongful death lawsuit where the estates of three individuals sued a construction worker and a construction company after the worker drove through a stop sign at high speeds and caused an accident that killed three people.

This catastrophic crash took place on June 17, 2011, in Lee County, Illinois. According to the complaint, the construction worker was driving a company vehicle when he ignored a stop sign, while a vehicle with two passengers was traveling east on U.S. Route 30. The construction vehicle shot across the road and struck the other car, causing a violent collision. The plaintiffs’ personal injury attorneys alleged that the accident caused the premature death of all three travelers. In the complaint, the construction company and the employee were named as defendants. Neither the company nor the driver could be reached for comment. This case is ongoing.

When fatal accidents occur, a wrongful death lawsuit is often the best way to recover monetary and punitive damages for actual losses and emotional deprivation. Vehicles can turn into dangerous weapons if they are handled improperly and aren’t operated according to the rules of the road. These actions lead to allegations of gross negligence, endangerment, reckless conduct and other counts in the court system.

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Chicago Public Transportation Should be Safe and Hazard-Free: Train Injuries

The Federal Railroad Administration reports that thousands of people across the United States are injured and killed in train accidents each year. Between the CTA, METRA and Amtrak, Chicago-area residents tend to rely heavily on trains. Considering that there were 12,000 railroad accidents and 800 train-related fatalities in the United States in 2008 though, it’s easy to see why this is an issue that concerns us all. Incredibly, a considerable number of these accidents and fatalities are caused by sheer negligence. When that happens, the help of a competent and experienced transportation accident attorney is imperative.

Negligence is often to blame in train accidents

Train accidents, including crashes and derailments, happen for a number of reasons. In some cases, railroad companies flout current safety regulations concerning railroad crossing warning systems, railroad track conditions and other related matters. In others, those who are charged with maintaining trains and train tracks fall woefully short of keeping up with their duties. When negligence is to blame for a train accident, victims and their families need to protect their rights. Hiring an experienced and talented train accident lawyer is a smart first step.

Chicago train accidents are often preventable

It’s disheartening to realize that the very people who are charged with keeping pedestrians, passengers and other innocent people safe around trains and railroad crossings often fail to do so. Considering the weight, size, speed and full capacities of many trains in the Chicago area, it’s easy to see how catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths can occur. However, there is no need to sit back and accept the situation. The best way to ensure that your rights are protected is by retaining a Chicagoland personal injury lawyer with a proven track record for handling train accident cases. That way, those who are to blame can be held responsible for their negligence.

Know Your Rights: Injuries in Transit

In the United States, several organizations are charged with regulating transportation throughout the country. There are hundreds of laws, rules and regulations on the books that apply to all forms of transportation. These laws and rules apply to motor vehicles, trains, airplanes, boats and every other conceivable method of transit. With that in mind, it’s crucial to seek the right legal representation if you have been injured in a transportation-related accident.

Know your rights

On any given day in the Chicago area, residents travel by car, bus, train, plane and even water taxi. While it’s reassuring to know that there are many government bodies that are tasked with ensuring the safety of these forms of transportation, the truth is that it’s not so easy to make sense of all of those laws. There is no question that the majority of those laws, rules and regulations are in place to ensure the safety of passengers, but everyday people can’t be expected to understand how those laws apply to them. That’s where an experienced transportation accident attorney can be invaluable.

Transportation accidents are often caused by negligence

As nice as it would be to live in a world where everyone did the right thing, the reality is that many people seriously miss the mark. From failing to maintain equipment to ignoring important safety regulations, the negligence of such individuals often results in serious injury and wrongful death.

Line up legal representation right away

In the aftermath of a transportation accident, confusion reigns. However, it’s important to get in touch with a competent attorney as quickly as possible. Without doing so, there is no way to ensure that your rights are being protected. The laws regarding various forms of transportation can be very confusing. A talented lawyer can help you get through the process as smoothly as possible.