Professional Negligence Can Be Costly

It’s an almost automatic response when you hear the word malpractice — a physician, hospital or medical professional in Illinois made a mistake that caused harm or injury to a patient. Most of the time, malpractice applies to a medical issue.

However, professionals in Illinois who provide services and do not adhere to state and federal laws or the ethical standards of their industry, also commit malpractice or more accurately, professional negligence.

Imagine being injured in an accident. Upon the advice of an accountant you decide to settle with the insurance company. Several months later, you suspect that you might have been short-changed in the deal. Unbeknownst to you when you hired this accountant, a history of questionable dealings with insurance companies already existed. Now you are not only physically and emotionally damaged, but you are in trouble financially.

Do you have legal ways to go after the accountant? As a consumer in Illinois, you have the right to expect that everyone you hire to provide professional services treats you ethically and represents you to the best of their ability. An experienced professional malpractice lawyer can review the circumstances and determine if you have a case.

Working with a wealth of knowledge in these kinds of cases, your attorney can use experts to determine the true dollar value of the damages and represent you in legal actions against the accountant and the insurance company. Do not accept professional negligence as a normal part of doing business. You deserve better. Make the call to a Chicago attorney to discuss your case today.