Latest News for Illinois Actos Cases

Actos® — or pioglitazone — is a drug designed to treat type 2 diabetes by making it easier to regulate blood sugar levels. But in August 2011, the FDA issued a warning regarding the drug, noting that it had been linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer. Moreover, Actos may cause or worsen congestive heart failure, lead to lactic acidosis, increase risk of bone fractures, and react with other drugs.

Concerns regarding side effects of Actos have lead to widespread litigation throughout the country, with over 700 such lawsuits having been filed in Illinois state courts alone. Concerns regarding the efficient handling of these cases have led the Illinois Supreme Court to order all pending Actos litigation in Illinois state courts be consolidated in the Illinois Circuit Court for Cook County under the caption In re Actos Related Cases, No. 11 L 010011. The case was assigned to Judge Deborah Mary Dooling on December 9, 2011. Judge Dooling also presides over ongoing consolidated litigation concerning the DePuy ASR hip replacement. The case has continued to proceed smoothly, with counsel filing monthly status reports with the court as they continue to take depositions from claimants and other involved parties.

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with bladder cancer while or after taking Actos, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries from the drug’s manufacturer. An experienced products liability attorney at Phillips Law Offices can advise you how the consolidated Actos litigation impacts you and what steps you should take to protect your rights.