Don’t Be Overlooked By Your Company: These Construction Accidents Are Even More Serious Than You Think

When you decided to become a construction worker, you knew that it was more dangerous than the typical job. You deserve working conditions that are as safe as possible and an employer who puts your well-being ahead of profit. Too often, this is just not the case. Construction companies facing tight deadlines or having problems with cash flow may knowingly choose to purchase unsafe supplies. They may also pressure workers to work more hours than their bodies can handle, which often leads to accidents. The 10 most common construction accidents include:

  • Crane accidents
  • Defective equipment
  • Electrocution
  • Forklift injuries
  • Machine malfunctions
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Injuries as a visitor or pedestrian
  • Falls from elevated heights
  • Workers being injured by fallen objects
  • Scaffolding accidents

Of these 10 construction site accidents, scaffolding accidents occur the most often and can cause the greatest degree of injuries. Scaffolding is a temporary elevated platform that construction workers stand on to perform their jobs. When it gives way, workers can be seriously injured or even fall to their deaths.

If you are a construction worker in the Chicago area who has been injured in a workplace accident, Phillips Law Offices would like to assist you with collecting the compensation you deserve. In these types of accident situations, it can be difficult to know who is to blame. Our experienced construction accident lawyers will look at all of the factors in your case and prepare a case against the responsible party.