Dental Malpractice Is More Common Than You Think

A visit to the dentist’s office is something most people don’t look forward to with great anticipation. It is something you have to do for routine care, to relieve oral pain or because you just want to improve your appearance.

Licensed dentists in Illinois, as well as their hygienists and assistants, are responsible as medical professionals to provide you with the best care possible. The Illinois Dental Practice Act clearly states that the practice of dentistry, “…is hereby declared to affect the public health, safety and welfare and to be subject to regulation and control in the public interest.”

So, no matter the reason for visiting your dentist’s office — a filling due to a cavity, tooth extraction or oral surgery — you are protected. A certain amount of discomfort is expected as a result of dental work. It does happen, however, that complications during your visit can result in pain and suffering caused by negligence, poor technique or misdiagnosis. It may continue right after the procedure or appear months later. If you have ongoing pain or injury from a dental procedure, you may have a case against the dentist.

The most common types of pain and suffering attributed to negligence by a dentist include:

  • Dental devices designed to relieve pain actually make the condition worse
  • Misdiagnosis or no diagnosis of gum disease or oral cancer
  • Misuse of anesthesia that causes harmful aftereffects
  • Extraction of the wrong tooth
  • Injury to the tongue resulting inability to taste

Based on Illinois statutes, an attorney experienced in dental malpractice suits can review your situation and construct a case to hold the dentist accountable. Call an attorney before it’s too late to get the protection you need.