A Scary New Trend: Dental Malpractice

As if medical malpractice wasn’t enough to worry about, dental malpractice is also becoming a widespread problem. ABC News recently brought this issue to the public’s attention by the grandmother of a young girl who died as a result of dental treatment. The cause of her death was an unsafe level of sedation before a dental procedure, a practice that is apparently growing. Some unscrupulous dentists are motivated by the extra money they can charge by administering more sedation than the patient requires. To date, 12 children have died at the hands of greedy dentists who gave them more sedation than their bodies could handle.

Insufficient training on dental sedation

There is an entire training industry that promises current and future dentists that they can quickly learn how to sedate patients. In the worst cases, this training was offered over the course of just one weekend. Fortunately, there are far more ethical dentists than unethical ones. These are the professionals who are pushing for legislation that requires more extensive training in order to keep children safe during dental procedures that require sedation.

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